Generation Protective Relay Maintenance Technician [PRMG]

Generation Protective Relay Maintenance Technician [PRMG]


For generation protective relays to work efficiently and properly protect electrical equipment, they need periodic maintenance. Regular inspection and maintenance of relays is paramount in protecting electrical systems from unscheduled outages. A number of problems can occur without proper maintenance. Relays will nuisance trip when set too low. If not coordinated, the wrong relay may trip and bring down large portion of the system. Other factors include changes in load, replacement of equipment, dust or dirt from the environment or age. Proper maintenance, calibration and testing of generation relays, including voltage controlled overcurrent, negative sequence, loss of field, reverse power and differential relays is essential to power system protection. This certification program will qualify technicians to safely maintain basic and complex generation protective relays. What is certification? Certification means you have achieved certain performance criteria - knowledge, skills and abilities through training. Certifications prove your skills, and their value is the recognition of customers, coworkers and employers. This certification also meets the requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269(a)(2)(vii).


  • Basic and complex generation relay theory, application and components
  • Interpret internal and external wiring diagrams
  • Perform visual and mechanical inspections
  • Use of MPRT with TVI
  • Test, calibrate, repair and troubleshoot the following relays in lab: Overcurrent (COV, IJCV), Negative sequence (COQ, SGC), Loss of field (KLF, CEH), Reverse power (CW, ICW), Differential (CA, CFD)


This certification requires completion of one course: Protective Relay Maintenance, Generation. This course is 4.5 days and 3.2 CEUs. To see course details and/or enroll in the class, click "Enroll Now" below. The certification will be valid for 3 years from the date of issue. 

Protective Relay Maintenance, Generation
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