Who is AVO?

We help people go home safe to their families at the end of the day.

Since 1963 (60+ years), AVO Training remains a global leader in safety and maintenance training for the electrical industry. We deliver an engaging, hands-on experience for our clients in a professional, real-world environment.

We strive to provide industry relevant courses in a practical and flexible learning environment through an ongoing commitment to quality service, integrity, instruction, and client satisfaction.

Our goal is to convey practical job skills and career development for our clients and students by saving lives through a world-class learning experience.

Here to Train and Assist You
Our Team

Here to Train and Assist You

We rely on our people – their enthusiasm, talent and commitment – to make every course our students attend a success. Our team of safety and maintenance instructors has over 1000 combined years of electrical experience in utility, manufacturing, industrial and commercial industries. Each one of them is hand-picked for their combination of experience AND teaching ability. And our account executives are always available to ensure every resource is available for course availability and attendence.

Meet Instructors Meet Account Execs

A Total Training Solution

We currently offer one of the largest selections of Electrical Training courses available with 57+ courses, specializing in Electrical Safety & Electrical Maintenance training, Electrical Certification Programs, Cable Training programs, Electrical ARC Flash Risk Assessment, Online Arc Flash Safety Awareness, Electrical Consulting Services, On-Site Electrical Training and Custom Electrical Training Course Development.

Our recognized course instruction teaches electrical safety, maintenance, testing, power studies and safety skills. With courses lasting no more than five days, we specialize in fast, effective hands-on electrical skills training.

Working with organizations in a wide variety of industries worldwide, our team of talented individuals is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. AVO is part of the privately owned family of Megger® companies. AVO’s corporate offices are co-located with one of the manufacturing facilities for Megger® and States® Products.


Hands-on “Real World” Skills Training

As part of each hands-on course, students perform up to 75% of tasks in equipment labs supervised by some of the most talented and experienced instructors in the industry. Courses are available at our training locations nationwide or on-site, at your facility.

Our knowledge of electrical safety regulations and experience with practical application allows us to create a consistent and compliant electrical safety environment in any workplace. We assess facilities for compliance with OSHA, NEC, NFPA 70E, NESC, MSHA and other electrical regulations. Our safety specialists develop custom electrical safety programs and procedures for industrial, commercial, utility and government installations.

Arc Flash Studies and Services
AVO Specialty

Arc Flash Studies and Services

AVO analyzes power systems to identify conditions that create instability and hazardous workspaces. Every arc flash risk assessment analysis, protective device coordination, short circuit and load flow study we perform is conducted using the highest standards. We work diligently to ensure the accuracy of our results and pride ourselves on providing realistic, non-commercial recommendations.



  • 04.11.2022

    AVO wins NETA award at PowerTest2022 conference in Denver

    Way to go, TEAM! … AVO Training Institute just WON the #NETA #PowerTest2022 “TRADE SHOW AWARD for MOST VISITED” exhibitors’ booth at their conference in #Denver#Colorado . Thanks to all who came by!! #NETA #AVOtrainingInstitute #ElectricalTraining #Substation#Safety
  • 08.13.2021

    AVO Training Fall 2021 schedule

    AVO Training Institute has posted its Fall 2021 schedule, both In-Person and Virtual Courses. We also provide Onsite Electrical Safety & Electrical Maintenance training and consulting services: at YOUR location; for YOUR entire staff; on YOUR equipment, which saves your money. Call us at: 1-877-594-3156.
  • 07.01.2021

    AVO California has re-opened; see courses already scheduled

    July 1, 2021 | AVO announced the re-opening of its Electrical Safety and Maintenance Safety training site in San Leandro, California …
  • 06.28.2021

    NETA Live Webinar Series: Fundamentals of Transformer Differential Protective Relay Testing presented by AVO Training Institute

    June 28, 2021 | Fundamentals of Transformer Differential Protective Relay Testing NETA webinar presented by AVO Training Institute. Ralph Parrett of AVO Training as he delves into this vastly covered topic and discussion, offering a live demonstration with an electromechanical relay and an in-depth view of the role modern microprocessor relays play …
  • 04.22.2019

    Webinar: Essential Fundamentals for Electricians and Substation Technicians

    May 19, 2021 | The Essential Fundamentals for Electricians and Substation Technicians webinar was presented by AVO Senior Training Engineer Dennis Moon on May 19th | View the webinar …

IACET Accreditation

We are proud to announce that as of May 1, 2019, AVO Training Institute is now an official IACET Accredited Institution. It was a very long and rigorous accreditation and review process, involving extensive hands-on evaluation and verification, but we couldn’t be happier to offer this accreditation to our students!

AVO Policies

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  • Jonathon | student |

    “[Substation I] is a great course! I learned how to accurately do each individual test, like insulation resistance and the contact resistance test, and (of course) HiPot testing, plus troubleshooting systems.

    And, I learned about testing the integrity of your breaker contacts and any and all components.”

    Jonathon | student |  Green Power