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AVO is also an IACET-accredited company.
AVO is a NETA Corporate Alliance Partner.

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Electrical Safety and Maintenance Safety Training. For 60+ years, AVO Training Institute has helped thousands of people in over 100 different countries across the world, create safe and reliable electrical systems. AVO empowers employees to do their work safely, effectively and go home to their families at the end of their workday. As part of each Live Virtual or In-Person, Hands-on course, students perform tasks in equipment labs supervised by some of the most talented and experienced electrical instructors in the industry. AVO's own Graphics Designer Travis King refreshed our logo to depict the ever-evolving passion, energy, enthusiasm and honor WE (at AVO) feel as industry leaders these last six decades.

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Test Your Knowledge

These short quizzes will help you assess your knowledge of electrical safety and maintenance. The test questions are random so feel free to retake as you like.

  • Jonathon | student

    “[Substation I] is a great course! I learned how to accurately do each individual test, like insulation resistance and the contact resistance test, and (of course) HiPot testing, plus troubleshooting systems.

    And, I learned about testing the integrity of your breaker contacts and any and all components.”

    Jonathon | student  Green Energy

  • — Junior Art

    New from Facebook
    "Anyone who is thinking about going here trust me when I say this it's so worth it. It's money well spent not to mention you build bonds with your teachers and you even go out to eat with them. They really do care about helping you and teaching the right way. Save at least 3,000 and invest in yourself AVO Training Institute is so worth it."

    — Junior Art  Commented on Facebook

  • EDITOR'S NOTE from AVO: Congratulations to Robert!
    This is one of the most difficult tests in our industry ... and you nailed it!

    The National Cable Splicing Certification Board (NCSCB) developed a Personal Certification Program for Medium Voltage Cable Splicers that "allows an individual to demonstrate his or her knowledge, skills and abilities in splicing and terminating shielded electrical power cable."

    This is why we teach!


  • — Jacob

    “Was not expecting the class to be as [engaging] as it was, being a virtual class … I LOVED IT! It was a great class … "

    — Jacob  Garland Power & Light

  • — James

    “This is a great class for people to attend. It’s a well thought-out class that is great for a general understanding or refresher of the basics. My instructor was great and had incredible experience and knowledge of the subject matter. I would definitely recommend this class to others.”

    — James  City of Dallas

  • “Our instructor impressed me very much. His professionalism and passion for electrical work was very clear. I honestly did not want the training to end and learned an abundance of information that I can use and pass along to my fellow workers here at Norfolk Shipyard.”

    — Adan  Norfolk Shipyard

  • — Paul

    The instructor had a wealth of information to give that was well delivered. Definitely gained some good knowledge to take back to my company to update our testing techniques and procedures.

    — Paul  Design Engineering Services Ltd.

  • I took you Cable Splicing and Terminating Medium Voltage class back in May.

    I was the one taking the National Cable Splicing Certification Board (NCSCB) test (in Ohio) right after your class.

    Just got my card yesterday; I passed all parts, including the hand taping.

    Your class was definitely beneficial to me for the test, especially the written portion.

    Just wanted you to know it was a good prep for me.

    Thank you again for helping me fix my one stipping tool and all the good tips.

    — Robert  Southern Contracting