Our path over the last fifty years has affected hundreds of thousands of lives – not only our students, but also every person that they’ve passed that knowledge on to and every person unknowingly protected by that student being more skilled at their job.

Our first “do it yourself” workshop was held April 16-18, 1963 in Cranford, New Jersey (image above). Over fifty-five years have passed since then and AVO Training Institute has experienced many changes – in the industry and within our organization. But our commitment to keeping people safe from the hazards of electricity through quality, hands-on Electrical Safety & Maintenance courses, remains vigilant.

In 1963, I. M. Gross, then president of Multi- Amp, declared the “practical training offered by Multi-Amp Institute of value to any type of industry to help prevent the staggering losses in life, equipment and production time that are suffered each year because of failure of electrical protective devices.” While the individuals that make up the AVO team have changed, that statement still gets to the heart of what drives our passion.

Whether we’re teaching maintenance of electrical equipment or safety procedures, or we’re analyzing a power system for arc flash hazards – everything we do supports the prevention of electrical failures and the protection of life.

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