Advanced Protective Relay Maintenance Technician Certification (PRMA)



Advanced Protective Relay Maintenance Certification for Technicians — After protective relay installation, deterioration begins, which in time could interfere with the relay's correct functioning. Contacts may become rough or burnt owing to frequent operation, or tarnished because of atmospheric contamination. Coils and other circuits may become open-circuited, electronic components may fail, mechanical parts may become clogged with dust or corroded to an extent that it may interfere with movement. The time between operations of a particular electromechanical relay may be measured in years, during which period defects may have developed unnoticed until revealed by the failure of the protection device to respond to a power system fault. For this reason, periodic protective relay testing is essential to maintaining system protection. This certification program will qualify technicians to safely maintain complex electromechanical protective relays. What is certification? Certification means you have achieved certain performance criteria - knowledge, skills and abilities through training. Certifications prove your skills, and their value is the recognition of customers, coworkers and employers. This certification also meets the requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269(a)(2)(vii).


This certification only requires completion of one course: Protective Relay Maintenance, Advanced. This course is 4.5 days and 3.2 CEUs. The certification will be valid for 3 years from the date of issue. To enroll in the class, click "Learn More" below.

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