Webinar: "Motor Maintenance & Testing"

Webinar: "Motor Maintenance & Testing"Motor Maintenance & Testing


This free educational webinar covers: 

- Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 requiring all three-phase AC Industrial Motors from 1 to 500 HP will need to need mandated efficiency standards 
· New efficient motors will cost 10 to 15% more than standard motors. 
· The question is, can you afford to replace all your motors, or can you afford a more effective motor maintenance program? 
· Pricing of new motors 
· Topics for Motor Maintenance will include: Bearing lubrication - heat, noise and vibration windings, and brush and commutator care 
· Topics for Motor Testing will include: Insulation resistance testing, dielectric absorption testing, over potential testing, surge comparison testing, three phase four wire neutral current testing and variable frequency drive testing 
· And more!