Webinar: "Basic Electrical Troubleshooting"

Webinar: "Basic Electrical Troubleshooting"Basic Electrical Troubleshooting


This free, educational webinar covers: 

- Troubleshooting electrical equipment and control circuits in a professional manner 
- Apply various troubleshooting methods and procedures related to accurate wiring of circuits and connections 
- Discuss the different troubleshooting instruments and tools associated to electrical equipments such as voltmeter, series ohmmeter, megger, and etc 
- Characterize several devices, symbols, and circuits in accordance to wires and terminal numbering 
- Recognize the aspects of three-phase motor starters through magnetic overload relay and typical starting methods 
- Employ various procedures for troubleshooting AC motors and starters in line with motor terminal identification and connection diagram 
- Determine the process for troubleshooting direct current machines such as direct current generator, right hand rule, electric generators and motors 
- Discuss the power electronic components through several troubleshooting variable speed drives 
- Identify the methods of troubleshooting switches, circuit breakers, and switchboards according to overloads and fault protection 
- Implement the different procedures for troubleshooting control circuits and become aware of the element of ladder logic circuits