Substation Maintenance II - Assessment Test

Substation Maintenance II - Assessment Test

Test your current knowledge of Substation Maintenance through this short assessment quiz.

After completion, feel free to share this quiz with your friends or co-workers and see who scores the highest.

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How much waste oil should be flushed out before taking a sample?

What can change the voltage output of an energized transformer?

When should we NOT do a megohmmeter test on an oil-filled transformer?

Which test should NOT be performed on a Current Transformer?

What type of material should NOT be used to sample askarels from a transformer?

What is the rise rate for an ASTM-D-877 test?

What is the turns-ratio for a 69000-12470/7200 Transformer?

What is used to protect a transformer from voltage surges?

What is the minimum OXYGEN level before entering a transformer?

For a DAR test of a transformer, the reading at 1 minute is divided by a reading at:

When testing a transformer for turns-ratio, the connection is determined by:

What is 0.122 milliohms converted to micro-ohms?

The most accurate method for a ground test is?

What are the three modes of operation using a power factor test set?

What mode of operation of a power factor set is used for a C1 test?

An interfacial tension test value indicates the_______.

What problem can be caused by the presence of oxygen in the transformer oil?

The earliest indication of a fault in a transformer may be obtained by using________.

Which would be the best device to use for a core excitation test?

Which type of potential could we get while walking next to a structure when a fault to ground occurs?