Substation Maintenance I - Assessment Test

Substation Maintenance I - Assessment Test

Test your current knowledge of Substation Maintenance through this short assessment quiz.

After completion, feel free to share this quiz with your friends or co-workers and see who scores the highest.

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Which device should be used to check Specific Gravity?

A battery can be described as a device that changes_________.

Face shields, Safety goggles, and acid/caustic coverings are called:

What is the function of a circuit breaker?

What describes the arc in a vacuum circuit breaker?

What do the main stabs do on a drawout circuit breaker?

Which is NOT a breaker operating mechanism?

What can be used to test a vacuum bottle's integrity?

How is a micro-ohm meter connected  to test a breaker?

When may a breaker be put into service without the arc chutes in place?

What should be done to an oil circuit breaker that is isolated from the system before working on it?

Why are heaters placed in the control cabinet?

What is the main piece of information given to us by the red indicator light?

When should a visual inspection of a lightning arrestor be performed?

Which instrument should be used to perform a dielectric (watts) loss test?

What is the main problem found with a power factor set?

When performing high power or voltage testing the test technician should_____.

Power Factor equals?

Insulation resistance must be corrected for?

Power factor is corrected to a temperature of ______________.