Medium Voltage Cable Technician - Assessment Test

Medium Voltage Cable Technician - Assessment Test

Test your current knowledge of Medium-Voltage Cable Skills through this short assessment quiz.

After completion, feel free to share this quiz with your friends or co-workers and see who scores the highest.

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The level of test voltage which should be applied for testing the insulation resistance of a cable is____________.

The leakage Current vs. Voltage curve will stay relatively flat until it raises at a more rapid rate. This point on the curve is called the _________ .

The main cause of power cable failure is _________________________________.

Cables rated above ___________________volts to ground usually have an insulation shield.

Stretching 3M #13 Semi-Conductive Tape _______________ its conductance and will not harm it in any way.

Two methods commonly used to remove residue on the insulation after the semi-con is removed are _______________and _________________.

Which type of cable has solid bare copper wires uniformly spaced around the insulation shielding?

The purpose of the insulation shield of a power cable is to provide ___________________________around the insulation.

Prior to performing power cable testing, always refer to ____________________________.

Why is it necessary to install a solder block in the grounding braid when installing a grounding lead to the termination or splice?

Bending of Tape Shielding cable at a radius less than ____ times the outside diameter may cause buckling and concentrated electrical and mechanical stress on the insulation.

An insulation resistance test is the application of a ___________across the insulation , with a high reading in megohms indicating good insulation.

If a cable splice is performed in a confined space, make sure there is adequate ______________by testing the confined space.

Cable insulation level that is protected by relays such as ground fault relays and is cleared as rapidly as possibly is ______________.

The purpose of power cable maintenance testing is to provide information concerning the integrity of the __________________of the power cable.

Which of the following tools is recommended for removing the semi-conducting layer from the insulation of a medium voltage solid dielectric cable?

Two types of electrical stress in an energized medium voltage cable are _____________and _______________.

The elimination of the potential difference across air voids is accomplished by covering the stranded conductor with _____________________________.

Which of the following materials in not used as a protective jacketing material for medium voltage cables?

To prevent surface leakage from affecting the insulation resistance reading of a medium voltage cable test, you should utilize the _____________circuit.