Low-Voltage Circuit Breaker - Assessment Test

Low-Voltage Circuit Breaker - Assessment Test

Test your current knowledge of Low-Voltage Circuit Breakers through this short assessment quiz.

After completion, feel free to share this quiz with your friends or co-workers and see who scores the highest.

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Arcing Contacts make ___________ and break ________.

Relay _________ should not be filed.

___________ plates in an arc chute require replacement.

When a circuit breaker is in the "test" position _______power is removed.

If the circuit breaker main contacts show _____________ the technician should check contact pressure.

A circuit breaker isĀ  a/an________________ with overcurrent protection.

If it is impossible to hold the contacts closed manually against a tripped condition the breaker is ________.

The anti-pump circuit is designed to ____________.

When primary load current actually flows through a circuit breaker trip device, it is known as a __________ trip device.

If the main stabs are disconnected and the auxiliary stabs are connected the breaker is in the ____________.

When verifying the Long Time delay band using the manufacturer's time curve, the industry standard is to apply current that is _______ times the Long Time Delay pickup setting.

A thin layer of conductive lube must be applied to pivot points,main stabs,auxiliary stabs and ________________.

When a circuit breaker trips, which set of contacts opens first?

When verifying the Short Time delay band using the manufacturer's time curve, the industry standard is to apply current that is ___________times the Short Time Delay pickup setting.

To test the long time delay function of a breaker which is set for 1000 amps ___________ test current is needed.

The ampere rating of the trip device in a breaker is the __________________.

The main stabs on a breaker connect the _____________ to the bus.

The first step in circuit breaker operation should be to find and read the _______________________.

When determining the "continuous current rating" of a circuit breaker, the __________ is the limiting factor.

If the test current applied to the circuit breaker is 10 times the device setting the ________is being tested.