Basic Electricity - Assessment Test

Basic Electricity - Assessment Test

Test your current knowledge of Basic Electricity through this short assessment quiz.

After completion, feel free to share this quiz with your friends or co-workers and see who scores the highest.

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Electrostatics deals with charges at ______.

Which law states that like charges repel?

Which law states that unlike charges attract?

The smallest particle of a substance where it still retains it's properties is a/an______.

Molecules are built of elementary particles called_________.

____________ can be broken down into smaller particles called protons, electrons and neutons.

Protons are considered to be ______________ charged.

A molecule of water has two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of __________.

____________ current flow is considered to be positive to negative.

All matter has three stages or states, gas, liquid and ____________.

When an atom has an equal number of protons and electrons it is said to be ________.

Electron flow is measured in ___________________.

One Couloumb of electrical charge is equal to ____________________ electrons.

One Coulomb of charge past a point in the circuit per second is equal to one ___________.

Electromotive force is measured in _________.

Electrical impedance is represented with the letter__________.

1KV is equal to __________.

To produce electromagnetic induction, a conductor, a magnetic field and a _______must exist.

The __________ in a series circuit will be equal across each resistor in the circuit.

Three phase connections are usually in wye or ____________.