Electrical Safety Compliance Assessments

Electrical Safety Compliance Assessments

Electrical Safety Compliance Assessments

Electrical accidents are described by OSHA as one of their “Fatal Four.” That’s why it is essential to have an Electrical Safety Program that meets the comprehensive compliance standards and regulations established by OSHA, NEC, NFPA, IEEE, NESC, ANSI and other governing bodies.

Because these assessments can be time-consuming, complex and confusing, AVO’s team of Electrical Safety Specialists are ready to walk you through it. We will come to your facility and conduct an audit that covers all five key components of an AVO Electrical Safety Compliance Assessment (illustrated below) or we will assess the individual components of your choose.

Five Steps of an AVO Electrical Safety Compliance Assessment:

  1. Review of facility Electrical Safety Work Program for compliance with current Standards and Regulations and perform a Gap Analysis. The program should include:
    1. Regular inspection and evaluation of electrical equipment
    2. Maintaining electrical equipment insulation and closures
    3. Development of procedures and planning every job
    4. Establishing an electrically safe work condition before work when possible
    5. Addressing possible contingencies
    6. Development and implementation required training for all employees affected by the program
    7. Identification of electrical hazards and means of avoiding them
    8. Providing appropriate protection for the employee from identified hazards
    9. Identifying appropriate maintenance guidelines and provide necessary tools and equipment to the employees
    10. Assessing each employee’s abilities
    11. Audit of the program principles
  2. Assess facility for compliant with OSHA and NFPA current standards and regulations
    • Visually inspecting all electrical equipment and installations. Document identified issues with photos in a report based on the appropriate Regulations and/or Standards
  3. Verifying Electrical Hazard Assessment for compliance with OSHA, NFPA 70E, NEC, and other compliance requirements
    • Shock hazard risk assessment
    • Arc flash hazard risk assessment
  4. Assessment of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for safety compliance
    • Inspect insulating protection
    • Inspect arc protection
    • Inspect any other equipment and devices used by the employee on or near exposed energized electrical equipment
  5. Suggest Electrical Safety Training for employee understanding, safety, and compliance
    • Recommend necessary training for all employees within the work place that could be exposed to any of the identified electrical hazards

Be prepared for an OSHA random “Drop In” visit. Staying safe and compliant isn’t a choice, but whom you choose as your electrical safety partner is. Choose AVO Training Institute.

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