Medium-Voltage Cable Diagnostics & Testing Certification

Medium-Voltage Cable Diagnostics & Testing Certification


This comprehensive hands-on preventative maintenance certification course is intended for engineers, electrical technicians, and supervisors that test, install, maintain, repair or troubleshoot 5-35 kV solid dielectric and paper insulated power cables. Students will perform and analyze results of insulation resistance tests (DAR & PI), type I withstand tests (DC, AC, & VLF). Also, diagnostic test such as Partial Discharge and Tan Delta will be performed.

Cable Diagnosis is predictive and is often performed as part of condition based maintenance strategies. This course focuses on data collection to provide information about the overall condition of the cable. Students will learn the indicators that cable performance is deteriorating, understanding the signs that cable is about to fail and when to perform maintenance.


  • Identify medium voltage cable components and causes of failure
  • Utilize safe work practices for cable testing per OSHA and industry consensus standards
  • Interpret current industry cable testing standards and procedures
  • Perform and analyze results of Insulation Resistance Tests (DAR & PI)
  • Perform and analyze results of Type I Withstand Tests (DC, AC & VLF)
  • Perform and analyze results of Type II Diagnostic Field Tests (Tan Delta & PD)
  • Identify the benefits gained by establishing a Conditioned Based Cable Maintenance Program


This certification requires the completion of one cable course listed below. The certification will be valid for 3 years from the date of issue. Cable Testing & Diagnostics, Medium-Voltage 4.5 days, 3.2 CEUs

Cable Testing & Diagnostics, Medium-Voltage
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