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The study of Electrical Cable just got smarter

Electrical Cable and Maintenance — [pictured below, left] After careful planning, design and construction, AVO's new state-of-the-art custom cable field was completed in 2017 and located in Dallas, Texas. It is designed to accommodate our updated Medium-Voltage Cable Fault Location & Tracing and new Cable Testing & Diagnostics courses; and it allows cable technicians the most technologically advanced “real world” place for every electrical cable testing and diagnostic application. With the critical issues facing the utility and industrial cable industry, it is imperative that training as well as test equipment technology be applied to existing and future cable installations to ensure ‘future proofing’ for improved cable reliability.

AVO's cable field provides training courses in three critical areas of the "future proofing" process for new and service aged power cables.

We also offer our Medium-Voltage Cable Technician Certification & Medium-Voltage Cable Diagnostics & Testing Certification through successful completion of AVO cable courses.

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AVO electrical safety and electrical maintenance training

The goal of Electrical Maintenance is to understand how to upkeep, preserve and use electrical systems to keep everyone safe

[pictured above, right] A few of our Electrical Maintenance Courses include: Substation Maintenance I & Substation Maintenance II, Protective Relay Maintenance, Circuit Breaker Maintenance, Cable Splicing & Terminating & many more.

Courses are held at our one of our training locations across the U.S. or you can also choose on-site training at your facility, anywhere in the world. Our instructors are some of the most experienced & knowledgeable instructors in the industry.

Whether we’re teaching maintenance of electrical equipment or safety procedures, or we’re analyzing a power system for arc flash hazards, EVERYTHING we do supports the prevention of electrical failures and the protection of life. It's a promise we made — and have kept — since our founding in 1963.

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