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Detecting Electrical Faults

The importance of process and the keys to effective testing

November 12, 2014 — Knowing and understanding the different techniques used to detect electrical faults can give you the tools you need to avoid power outages, damaged equipment, and injuries. The article "Ultrasound Detection of Electrical Anomalies" in Plant Services Magazine discusses this important process and keys to effective testing.

"Whether you’re using airborne ultrasound or contact ultrasound, the benefit comes from the ability to see an anomaly and understand what it is. Through analysis, a confident and accurate assessment will persuade management to make accurate decisions and take proper actions.

“If you rewind the clock to 10 years ago, electrical analysis was an afterthought,” explained Joseph Gierlach, vice president — technical training and support, ABM Franchising Group — TEGG Service, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Gierlach led one of the opening workshops at UE Systems’ Ultrasound World X conference in Clearwater Beach, Florida. “We’re now able to make connections between electrical signatures. This is a misunderstood application. And it’s dynamic and ever-changing.”

While ultrasound’s role in diagnosing mechanical deficiencies is well-known, its use in electrical fault detection is equally valuable, but differentiating between … click here to read full article"

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