Power Outage Leads to Shopping Spree

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

A power system failure led to a massive shopping spree in 2 Wal Mart stores in Louisiana. Families on food stamps had the caps on their spending cards lifted when a backup generator failed during a test. This allowed recipients to spend unlimited amounts of money and the failure ultimately affected 17 states. According to Xerox spokesman Kevin Lightfoot, “The loss of power triggered a preventative shutdown of the EBT system to protect its overall integrity.”

Power system failures can cause not only mechanical damage to equipment, but can also lead to unforeseen situations that increase the monetary damage exponentially. Maintaining your electrical system is imperative and is at the heart of what the AVO Training Institute offers through its courses and services. Our Electrical Maintenance Training Courses, Arc Flash Engineering Services, Electrical Fundamentals Courses and Custom Safety Solutions are all designed to help you and your technicians properly maintain your power system and stay safe while doing it.

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