Make Sure Your Smart Grid Relays Work Flawlessly

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Enhance your system reliability with Megger’s updated SMRT series.

MeggerTesting_RelaysAs utilities and manufacturers get smarter equipment, a smarter grid and smarter system components, Megger continues to listen to the industry and evolve the company’s SMRT relay testing equipment to adapt to immediate needs.

Already a rugged, reliable tester, the SMRT system now includes firmware and software upgrades for an easier operator experience.

The SMRT system (SMRT1SMRT36, and SMRT410) now offers overall adaptations as well as a devilish look at the firmware details, which make all the difference out in the field. In the all-important details category, Megger has adapted the SMRT36 current channels in a “push-push-push” series configuration that will provide up to 150 volts at four amps for testing high impedance loads, while improving general calibration at test currents down to 100 mA. And, Megger has added communications support for the SMRT410 double current generator (DIGEN) as well as the voltage-only generator (VGEN), making the SMRT series more interoperable and cost-effective.

Megger didn’t just polish the firmware in this update. The system’s integral interface also received a push up the evolutionary ladder.

The companion interface to our SMRT system received some requested upgrades as well, especially in the area of impedance relays. The revolutionary SMRT Smart Touch View Interface (STVI) now has improved click-on-fault functions for testing impedance relays. The operator can now import RIO files to the impedance relay selection screen. Another devilish detail is a sixth zone for impedance relays has been added within the selection window. The impedance-relay-setting screen, additionally, offers zone blinders within the updated STVI software. Megger’s modernized STVI also provides CT graphics for CT polarity connections, an ohms-per-loop and ohms-per-phase selection button, and separate zone timer settings for each fault type.

Listening to our users and industry insiders brought real change to the STVI with a new sequencer test screen with end-to-end dynamic test capabilities. All of these changes make the STVI one of the easiest-to-use interfaces available on the market today and adds to the functionality of the SMRT system.

Of course, even without these upgrades, the STVI offers a bevy of benefits to the operator of SMRT testers from its high-resolution color touch screen, which reduces errors, to its intuitive operation, which requires no special training for manual testing. The STVI is an essential component in the SMRT system, offering automatic ramp, pulse ramp and pulse ramp binary search options. More time curves from a larger variety of overcurrent relay manufacturers have been added to the hundreds of built-in time curves that are already provided. The STVI includes downloadable results that operators can transfer onto a thumb drive quickly and easily for NERC PRC-005-2 standard requirements.

For those times when you must have accurate readings, pinpoint accuracy and details, rely on SMRT relay testing with Megger.  Click here to learn more about these amazing products.

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