Identifying Pitfalls in the Arc Flash Calculation Process

Monday, February 10th, 2014

“Identifying Pitfalls in the Arc Flash Calculation Process”
by D. Edwin Sherry, P.E.
Electrical Construction and Maintenance Magazine

This article presented in EC&M Magazine explores the arc flash calculations process and understanding the limitations of these methodologies that may put you or your technicians at risk.   It also outlines ways to mitigate these limitations, and mitigate the dangers of an arc flash.

“An electrical arc flash can occur when someone is verifying the presence of voltage, checking the balance of current, operating a switch, inspecting an energized cable or bus connections during routine maintenance, or simply standing in the vicinity of energized equipment. This is a reason to perform an arc flash hazard assessment study — to discern the degree of arc flash hazard present and the level of PPE required at a given location on the power distribution system. In addition, this type of study helps determine the possible means to reduce the energy through time….”

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