Electrical Safety Compliance Assessments

Electrical Safety Compliance Assessments

Electrical accidents are described by OSHA as one of their “Fatal Four.” That’s why it is essential to have an Electrical Safety Program that meets the comprehensive compliance standards and regulations established by OSHA, NEC, NFPA, IEEE, NESC, ANSI and other governing bodies.

Because these assessments can be time-consuming, complex and confusing, AVO’s team of Electrical Safety Specialists are ready to walk you through it. We will come to your facility and conduct an audit that covers all five key components of the Electrical Safety Program (illustrated below) or assess the individual components you choose.

Be prepared for an OSHA “Drop-Out” random visit. Staying safe and compliant isn’t a choice, but who you choose as your electrical safety partner is. Choose AVO Training Institute.

      1) Assess Installation for NEC & OSHA Compliance

      2) Assess Personal Protective Equipment for Safety Compliance

      3) Review Facility’s Electrical Safety Work Practices for Compliance with current Standards and Regulations

      4) Electrical Hazards Audit for NFPA 70E, NESC & OSHA 1910.269 Standards

      5) Electrical Safety Training for Employee Next Step to Compliance

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