Electrical Consulting Services

Electrical Consulting Services

We understand that your primary job may not include being an electrical systems “Subject Matter Expert.” That’s where our highly specialized electrical safety and electrical maintenance experts come in. When you need answers to hazardous electrical situations, you need them now, and we’re here to help!

Developing an effective electrical safety program is more complicated than just selecting the proper personal protective equipment. It’s about creating a safety culture that lowers the risk of injury caused by an electrical incident. Our professional electrical safety consulting is a great investment for both your company and the safety of your employees.

We begin our electrical consulting services by asking, “What critical issues are standing in the way of where you want your electrical safety program to be?” We also help you identify the real root of the issue. We explore, prioritize, develop and implement ways to address each electrical safety or electrical maintenance issue.

AVO offers a number of electrical safety consulting services to all types of different industries. For more information on the specific types of electrical consulting that we offer, please select one of the options below.


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