National Electrical Code Changes 2017

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National Electrical Code Changes 2017 – 2 Day | Lecture Training Course

2-Day | 1.6 CEUs | $825 | On-Site Only | Lecture | Course #227B 

The National Electrical Code is updated on a 3 year cycle because of the continuous introduction of new technologies into the marketplace and the release of new research results by various public and private groups. This course is intended for electricians, electrical inspectors and contractors needing to meet federal, state and local requirements for installing electrical work. Understanding the reason for these updates enables personnel in the electrical field to more readily comprehend and implement new electrical safety rulings for the safe installation of electrical systems and equipment. Major revisions are explained in the 2017 edition and the substantiation for those changes is addressed.

Learning Objectives

      ♦  Identify the major changes in the National Electrical Code® from 2014 to 2017

      ♦  Explain the reason for these changes


Course Duration: 2 days
Credits: 1.6 CEUs
Level of Involvement: Lecture
Schedule: Onsite available
Course Number: 227B
Tuition USD: $825


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