Electrical Safety for Mining

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Electrical Safety for Mining | Lecture Training Course

3.5-Day | 2.8 CEUs | On-site Only | Lecture | Course #500 | Mon-Fri 8 am-4:30 pm

This course is intended for new, multi-craft or experienced electricians, technicians, engineers, supervisors and safety managers that install, maintain, repair, troubleshoot or work around low and medium voltage electrical systems in mines. MSHA compliance officers are very active in every mine within the United States. Compliance with MSHA and OSHA electrical safety regulations minimizes the risk of electrical accidents, and reduces losses associated with shutdowns and outages. This course provides up-to-date information that will aid in establishing an effective electrical safety program in mines.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the hazards of electricity and their effects
  • Select appropriate personal protective equipment for a variety of applications
  • Utilize safe work practices, both above and below ground, for work on or around metal clad switchgear, substation equipment, motor control centers and batteries
  • Explain installation and testing of permanent and temporary grounding systems for personal protection
  • Identify specific hazards for working with electrical equipment in mines
  • Apply lockout/tagout procedures, energized work permits, and overhead line clearances
  • Interpret MSHA and applicable OSHA regulations

Requires working knowledge of basic electricity.


Course Duration: 3.5 days
Credits: 2.8 CEUs
Level of Involvement: Lecture
Schedule: On-site Only
Course Number: 500
Tuition USD: $1275


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