Microprocessor-Based Relay Testing, Distribution/Industrial (MBRTDI)

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Microprocessor-Based Relay Testing, Distribution/Industrial | Hands-On Training Course

4.5-Day | 3.6 CEUs | $2,035 | Hands-on | Course #552 | 8 am-4:30 pm (final day ends at noon) 

Microprocessor-Based relays are now an integral part of many power distribution systems. This hands-on course is designed for test technicians and other persons involved in setting, testing, and diagnosing microprocessor-based relays that protect distribution feeders and buses.

Learning Objectives

  • Determine relay baud rate and other communications parameters
  • Use manufacturer’s software to communicate with the relay
  • Know what equipment is necessary to communicate with the relay
  • Properly connect relay test equipment to the relay terminals by using connection diagrams and  system schematics
  • Know relay protective elements and how they work
  • Know what metering and test functions to perform
  • Read, save and evaluate relay settings
  • Read, save and evaluate event records
  • Perform the following relay element tests and interpret the results
    • Instantaneous and Time Overcurrent: Positive Sequence (50/51P Residual    (50/51N), Zero Sequence (50/51G), Negative Sequence (50/51Q)
    • Under and Overvoltage (27/59)
    • Frequency (81)
    • Transformer Differential Elements (87)
  • Send original settings to relay after testing

Class participants will perform the following:

  • Understand and use manufacturer’s proprietary setting software
  • Communicate with the relay
  • Upload and download relay settings
  • Read, interpret, and retrieve event reports
  • Read metering data
  • Test individual protective elements for proper operation using a protective     relay test set
  • Prove logic inputs and outputs

Note: Visit www.avotraining.com for a detailed list of equipment needed for this course. Administrative rights to install software must be granted for successful course completion. Relays used in lab exercise will be, ABB-615A, SEL-351, SEL-387, SEL-751A, SEL-787A, Multilin SR-750, and Multilin SR-745.

The student should have basic knowledge of AC/DC electricity. In addition, students must bring a scientific calculator and a laptop to complete the lab portion that has Windows XP/Vista/7, 600+ MHz processor, 4+GB hard drive space, 1+GB RAM, a CD-rom drive, and rights to install relay communications software.  Note: IPads and tablets without a CD-rom or USB port are not acceptable.


Course Duration: 4.5 days
Credits: 3.6 CEUs
Level of Involvement: Hands-on
Schedule: 8:00am – 4:30pm, the final day ends at 12:00pm
Course Number: 552
Tuition USD: $2,035


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