Basic Electrical Troubleshooting (BET)

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Basic Electrical Troubleshooting | Hands-on Course

4-Day | 3.2 CEUs | $1,335 | Hands-on | Course #410 | Mon-Fri 8 am-4:30 pm

Safe and systematic troubleshooting methods that greatly enhance technician skills is the focus of this course.  This hands-on course is intended for electricians, technicians and supervisors responsible for troubleshooting electrical system problems. Component identification, ladder diagram interpretation and correct multimeter usage are key components to this electrical maintenance course. The ability to effectively and safely troubleshoot electrical systems is an essential skill for any technician responsible for maintenance in an industrial, commercial or utility facility.

♦ Learning Objectives

  • Explain the hazards of electricity and effects
  • Select appropriate personal protective equipment for use when working on or near electrical equipment
  • Identify components and their general application: breakers, fuses, relays, transformers, coils, overloads, switches, disconnects, contacts, motors, resistors, diodes and indicator lights
  • Locate faulty components using a digital multi-meter
  • Interpret common control circuits and basic ladder logic diagrams

♦ Requirements
The student should have basic knowledge of AC/DC electricity.


Course Duration: 4 days
Credits: 3.2 CEUs
Level of Involvement: Hands-on
Schedule: 8:00am-4:30pm
Course Number: 410
Tuition USD: $1,335


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