Infrared Thermography-Level 1

Certification Program


Infrared Thermography-Level I | Certification Program

Learn how to operate an infrared camera under different conditions and how to make judgements of the measurement situation out in the field and identify potential sources for error. Students will interpret thermograms and make informed decisions using heat transfer concepts to analyze thermal images and learn to distinguish between hot spots and reflections and direct versus indirect readings. What is certification? Certification means you have achieved certain performance criteria – knowledge, skills and abilities through training. Certifications prove your skills, and their value is the recognition of customers, coworkers and employers.

♦ Learning Objectives

  • Explain the beginning and history of Infrared Thermography
  • Discuss the differences between heat and temperature
  • Explain the heat transfer modes
  • Discuss radiosity concepts
  • Perform the operation of infrared equipment
  • Perform an infrared survey and report the results of the survey
  • Discuss the applications of Thermography

♦ Certification Requirements
This certification requires the completion of only one course: Infrared Thermography-Level 1. Once the classroom portion of this course is completed, the student will be required to submit a complete infrared survey report within sixty (60) days. The report will be graded as part of the final grade in order to receive the certification. To enroll in the class, click “Enroll Now” below.



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