International Training

International Electrical Training

Our instructors have traveled to over 100 countries, throughout every corner of the world, to teach Electrical Safety & Maintenance skills to all different types of industries and professions.

Every course that we offer is available for on-site training internationally, anywhere in the world. In most cases, electrical equipment for training labs will need to be supplied by the customer.

All of AVO’s course materials are written and presented in English, and we also offer a few training courses and our course catalog in Spanish. (See available Spanish courses below)

Each year, hundreds of students from countries worldwide also travel to our U.S. training locations. Our policies for international students are as follows:

  • Payment must be made via wire transfer
  • We only provide travel visa documentation after receiving payment
  • We only provide travel visa documentation for the student – no “companions”
  • The student is responsible for securing proper travel documentation
  • All published cancellation policies are applicable and enforced

The following courses are available for presentation in Spanish.


Questions about International Training? 

Call 214-331-7377 or email rita.kerbyson@avotraining.com.

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