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After careful planning, design and construction, AVO's Cable U is here. Located at AVO's main training location in Dallas, TX, this New Multi-Purpose Cable Field is designed to accommodate our updated Medium-Voltage Cable Fault Location & Tracing and new Cable Testing & Diagnostics courses. The field allows cable technicians the most technologically advanced, real-world, place to train for every electrical cable testing and diagnostic application.

AVO Cable U provides training courses in three critical areas of the "future proofing" process for new and service aged power cables: 

          1) Cable Splicing & Terminating


          2) Cable Fault Location & Tracing 

          3) Cable Testing & Diagnostics

Cable Technician Certifications

We also offer our Medium-Voltage Cable Technician Certification & Medium-Voltage Cable Diagnostics & Testing Certification through successful completion of AVO Cable U courses. 

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