6 Steps to Starting a Preventive Maintenance Program

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Preventive maintenance is tough to get started and tough to maintain, mostly due to normal daily pressures. It takes strong leadership and commitment to keep going.

Typically most time is spent on the technical detail of a PM program and technical accuracy is important, but the human aspects of ownership and value are far more important in sustaining the effort. If these are not in place, the program will inevitably struggle to get started and just fade away over time.

The 6 steps to Starting A Preventative Maintenance Program

  • Have ongoing structured preventative maintenance training
  • Commit maintenance personnel and equipment to preventative maintenance to break the reactive cycle.  Getting away from constant, quick-responses and making your organization more self-sufficient and less dependent on maintenance is key.  A part of this is scheduling individual mechanics to PM for a shift and they are not available for emergency work.
  • Commit daily operating personnel time and equipment to maintenance.  This will aid maintenance personnel workloads, and allows operators to help maintain their own equipment.   Some will agonize over giving up production time to allow operators to do this for 15 minutes of a shift, but it will pay off in the end.
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs should be developed by the technical elite, but reviewed and adjusted by all.  Ownership by all must be fostered, and allowing everyone to take a part in crafting procedures will help acceptance of the practices.
  • Have ongoing structured daily reviews of issues my operators and maintenance personnel.  Reviewing production loss issues daily in a shift exchange leads to constant modifications and improvements to preventative maintenance.
  • Planner/supervisor/lead should review completed preventative maintenance work orders with mechanics.  Follow-up work should be generated from these reviews.

Ensuring your maintenance personnel are properly trained is a key portion of any preventative maintenance program.  The AVO Training Institute offers maintenance training courses that allow you to get your technicians trained quickly and efficiently by the experts in the industry.  Click here to see our Maintenance Training Courses, or contact us today to find out how we can bring electrical maintenance training to your facility with on-site training.

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