2014 NEC: Code Revisions to Know

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Electrical Contractor Magazine is presenting a three part series titled “2014 NEC Outlook” that reviews the significant changes in NEC 2014.  Part I reviews some Code-wide revisions and a number of the significant changes in Chapter 1 of the National Electrical Code.   As Michael Johnston notes in his article,”…the NEC technical committees acted on 3,745 Code change proposals and 1,625 public comments.  There were new articles added to the NEC this cycle.”  Understanding these changes can be the difference between compliance and non-compliance, and may possibly save a life.

To read the full article click here (part 1 of 3)…

To fully understand the new NEC 2014, AVO Training is now offering our National Electrical Code 2014 Course that provides the student with a thorough understanding of this standard and is a foundation for safe and compliant construction of electrical systems.

Click here to read NEC 2014 Course objectives, to download a course outline and to register for a course date.


Upcoming National Electrical Code 2014 Course Dates

January 6 – Valley Forge, PA

January 13 – Dallas, TX

January 27 – Portland, OR

February 3 – Dallas, TX


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